Festivals in Spain

Singapore (17 July 2013) Agoda.com, Asia’s leading online ordering hotels and part of the Priceline comes out with great hotels deals festival in honor of the crazy, dirty and noisy Spain – tomato festival (La Tomatina), also often referred to as the world’s largest food war. This year the festival takes place on August 28th.

There are several versions on the origin of the festival, which takes place in the city of Bunol 35 miles west of Valencia. One of the most popular versions holds that the festival was founded following the famous brawl between local youths in the mid-40s began to throw each other the first thing he laid his hands – tomatoes. for whatever reason, the fight was seen as an event this year and the following years continued to identify and recover it until it became an official festival in 1957.

Photos from the festival illustrate perhaps most accurately the madness of Hhoggim- thousands of people covered in red pulp soaked in high piles of crushed tomatoes. Although the madness and chaos that this event has some clear rules. One of the funniest when he signaled the beginning of the war. The public must not start throwing tomatoes before the official start signal is given. What is the signal for the start, you ask? So: the background singing and dancing crowd spouting participants try to dangle up the greased pole until one comes to pork hanging its upper edge. Only after one of them fell into the crowd with his back, you hear a gunshot and dump trucks with 40 tons of tomatoes to the celebration will be soft. From this point on, there is one word to describe what is going on there-madness!

It is likely that the boys battle the legendary never imagined their brawl festival will become an annual food fight. Over the years the festival has grown up so that the number of participants reached up to 40,000 people, residents of the town itself when only 10,000 times! This is excellent for teating several health issues, such as curing hemorrhoids.

Mixing historical cultural customs and traditions with Christian practices.
Many Catholic communities hold festivals in Italy and carnivals that combine traditions and customs which foreign consisting primarily of traditional Catholicism. You can see fascinating and strange combinations in addition to Italy also in other Catholic countries in Europe, such as Spain and some countries in South America. Traditions, some ancient pagan and partly developed as a result of the collective experience experienced during the historic community of existence. At the center of many festivals and carnivals in Italy are about ancient customs and traditions, described difficulties and crises disasters that occurred in the city or community and the right to perform miracles outstanding individuals and the community took advantage of the city. The impact of all this is evident today on customs and patterns unique features of the celebrations and ceremonies such as the three events presented below.

According to the tradition of the residents of Florence, fire and light the blessed arising out of the car exploding, promising a good crop harvest, a stable civil community life and good business.